What is RingString and how it works

RingString Woman with portrait

What is RingString

We are the RingString team, and we are happy to introduce you our amazing product - the world's first string art that you create with your own hands from any photo or picture.

We have invented RingString, striving to give a sense of uniqueness and specialness to the result of our customer's crafting.

Enjoy the process which is designed with all love and attention to every detail. Feel like an artist, a creator of your own masterpiece, conveying your personality and vision.

How it works

RingString is a combination of high-quality material and unique software, which is completely ready to provide you with unprecedented experience. Our set includes everything you need to create an original string art from your own photo or picture!
1. First of all you have to order the kit.
2. Then you scan the unique code inside the box.
3. Upload your photo or picture and select the preview you liked.
4. The voice guidance and the text instructions will be sent to your e-mail.
5. Choose the narrator voice and speed, the background music or use the text instructions if you prefer.
6. Enjoy a pleasant and relaxing assembly process.

RingString Woman assembling a portrait
RingString Assembled portrait

Created to Surprise

The picture is creating with a single continuous thread, drawing the outline of your photo step by step, highlighting detail by detail.
RingString is not only a exciting hobby, but also a wonderful gift that can surprise anyone, and the great thing about your future painting is its versatility! You can give a gift of a packaged as well as a lovingly assembled portrait. If you don't know what to put together, we've prepared a gallery of pictures for you to see - click here.

The picture you create will fit harmoniously into any interior design and will look stylish due to the balance of black and white colors, and your own image will astonish and delight your guests.

You can immerse yourself in the process of creating a picture in the company of family and friends. And for children it is not only an unforgettable pastime, but also the development of fine motor skills and assiduity.