About RingString

RingString set includes everything you need to create an original string art from your own photo or picture!
1. First of all you have to order the kit.
2. Then you scan the unique code inside the box.
3. Upload your photo or picture and select the preview you liked.
4. The voice guidance and the text instructions will be sent to your e-mail.
5. Choose the narrator voice and speed, the background music or use the text instructions if you prefer.
6. Enjoy a pleasant and relaxing assembly process.
*Kit can be used for string art creation just once.

RingString is the world's first painting with threads from any of your photos, which you assemble yourself online with a voice assistant or with printed PDF instructions.

RingString is not only a fascinating hobby, but also a wonderful gift that can surprise anyone, and the main thing about our picture is its versatility! You can give it as a gift, both packaged and lovingly assembled portrait!

Our painting can be assembled by relatives and friends, and for children it is not only an unforgettable leisure, but also the development of fine motor skills and assiduity.

The picture will look stylish in any interior due to the harmony of black and white colors, and your own image will catch the eye.

Our online generator can create instructions from any photo or drawing, we recommend assembling portraits, highlighting faces for better detail.

Following the paper instructions in the kit, enter a unique code at ringstring.art/en, and UPLOAD your photo, then choose your favorite assembly option and get creative!

The size of the RingString base is 50×50 cm, ( 19,6" x 19,6" ) the diameter of the assembled image is 46 cm (18,1").

The base is mdf with film. We have treated the edges carefully so that they are smooth and you are comfortable to hold the picture in your hands.

On average, it takes 6 hours to create a picture from your picture with a standard set.

Our generator is fully adjustable for you, you can independently adjust the comfortable for you speed of voice and assembly in the generator, you can both slow down and speed up.

There is a fastener on the back side of the base, so you can hang the assembled picture.

The RingString set contains: an MDF base with 240 nails, a cardboard diagram of the sectors arrangement, thread, a thread mount, a phone stand, detailed instructions with a unique code and a mount to hang the picture on the wall.

Of course, after uploading the picture you can assemble the picture online with a voice-over or download the PDF file, it consistently recorded all the steps, for convenience you can print the PDF file and trace the steps passed.

Our instructions generator supports 11 languages:

Our products are labeled 14+. Our text and voice instructions are very detailed that makes the assembly process easy and comfortable even for newbies.

We ship RingString in solid board boxes, and to ensure the good condition of delivered product we use the double packaging.

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